Thursday, September 25, 2008

Childhood memory rediscovered on the internet -- Heilige Schutzengel

This print used to hang in my late grandparents bedroom.
A place where I spent many nights of my childhood.
As a kid in the 1960s there were not many distractions so I gazed at this framed old-fashioned lithographic print for many hours. Little details were engraved in my mind, but forgotten over the decades.
A random thought made me research guardian angels on the thing led to the other and I found this art print bringing back cherished moments of childhood. It took the blink of an eye to recognize this painting among all the colorful vintage pictures of guardian angel impressions -- it's the one.
I ordered a poster print...and I am excited and will matte it and put it into one of my vintage frames.

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kim* said...

it i sso nice to find things from the past isnt it? :)