Thursday, September 25, 2008

Carpe Diem (Seize The Day)

I don't have much time for philosophy or musings these's an action, work and "get it done"
mode of life.

Yesterday I have updated my shops with some of the new tams I had made before the craft show...I have the largest inventory ever since I started crocheting tams.

I decided not to let my acute tooth root canal problems hold me back. The penicillin and other meds took a lot of the pain off, but are rough on my stomach and overall condition. I have had fatigue and dizzy spells, but it's getting back to normal. I didn't want to give into feeling miserable this time.

We went to Sid's company anniversary picnic on Saturday and a local fine art festival on Sunday. The fall weather is just too beautiful to miss outdoor events. It's my undisputed favorite season.
Where am I heading with this?
The quintessence of those statements can read as following: Sometimes you don't want to give into sickness, depression or whatever obstacle may cross your path.
The old "mind over body" saying proves itself not always, but often effective.

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