Sunday, August 31, 2008

Time Trap -- Online Forums

I am relearning to manage my time.
I have streamlined a lot of activities and still felt time just slipping away...due to an obsession that is called F O R U M S, or fora as in Latin.

As a former Ebay seller with interest in multiple discussion boards and private groups I was once highly engaged in promoting within Ebay's online community and I even was the leader of a large group under my old ID retrochicboutique for a while until I dropped out of the children custom boutique circus. Then I visited the store owners board daily/hourly to tweak my visibility and increase my sales via optimization and stats research.

When I discovered Etsy I discovered the forums naturally. And wow, do they suck vulnerable people in.
As the story goes:
It takes a while to get annoyed with reoccurring subjects, shallow threads, bad vibes among posters, shortcomings of the site...and when dissatisfied then there are the "anti-" and "alternative" forums.
Yet more time traps and circles of egos cycling similar topics.

For now I am tired of cyberspace discussions.

I have reclaimed my time...and I had an outstanding productive week.

The internet is a wonderful tool. It serves me well as a marketplace, workplace, my newspaper, dictionary, many how-to's, virtual game-boy (JT Blocks:) if I wish...but it won't replace a real "old school" face-to-face conversation, people and life.
(New tams added to my website)

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