Thursday, August 14, 2008

I had a complaint from my back

It had a serious talk with me, about never taking a weekend off, crocheting until 10pm almost every week night, staring at the monitor in an unnatural upward position and...
Fact is I was unable to move properly for 2 days, my neck was stiff, hard knots in my shoulder muscles and pain shooting into my head and arms.
Crocheting may be an otherwise pretty safe work, but when overdone, it's not the best ergonomical activity for the body.
An afternoon in the couch, early stretching out in bed and watching the olympics (for a change) and just staying off the pc did the trick. I am in pretty good shape again.
Listening to your body can keep serious muscle and bone problems away if you give in, at least for a few days. Sales are nice, but sometimes 2 days off are worth more than money can buy.

I had finished this cotton and soy silk tam before my un-voluntary break. Going on my website these days.

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