Friday, August 8, 2008

Crazy hoarding...I need a stop sign

I guess the only defense I have is :
It's all packed in plastic storage bags to stay fresh and clean.
The organization and amount is sheer craziness though. And this is only part of my craft room which also stores books, biz papers, patterns and my sewing corner.
Amazing how much you can pack into a small bedroom with walk-in closet.
For months I am telling myself now that I won't run out of supplies for the next 3 years (probably), but the ancient gathering instinct just gets the better of me, still.
I have just ordered the last decent priced hemp/wool yarn available from several whole-sellers because it seems to get discontinued for the most part.

From the moment I arrived with 2 (two) suitcases in the USA 4 years ago which comprised my whole belongings at that time (apart from some monetary belongings) it was a long way to "fill my life with things again".
(I couldn't afford an overseas container when I dissolved my whole household in Germany) and my son and I either gave our furniture, housewares, collectibles, books, clothes away to family or friends or sold them. The rest sadly got picked up as trash for a lack of better solution. Goodwill is very picky and doesn't really bother with used household stuff.

Actually it was liberating for a while to have little to none. Stuff you didn't need to worry about.
But let's face it, we are hoarders by nature.
And I am back in the cycle of "stuff".
Maybe worse than ever before.

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From Bottle to Box said...

I'm a hoarder. I've always wanted to be the type of person who could fit all of my belongings in a backpack. Not possible!