Friday, June 24, 2011

Altered Couture, can't wait to get into my sewing studio

I am antsy to move my sewing machines, tables and yarn boxes into the studio, right next to our home.
I have been drooling over "Altered Couture"magazines and want to sew so bad. While crocheting can be done anywhere (living room, patio, travel:) sewing requires room, and the more cramped a work space is, the more the stress level rises and perspective gets narrowed down. There is nothing better than draping ideas on the dress form and stepping back for a different view.
Homepage of Altered Couture 

Summer solstice went by, and half of 2011 has already passed. Is time on high speed or is it just my lifestyle of working 7 days a week that makes a week just browse by in no time?
It sure seemed a long work week from Mondays to Friday while I was still employed at a day job. Does time fly by faster when you actually have fun working? Must be a strong YES:)

I'll close my Etsy shop and Artfire shop for this weekend to catch a bit of creative freedom and organize my crocheting and sewing inventory for the upcoming move.
But I will update my own website Purple Sage Designz with some new goodies that I had stitched up over the last week and never got around to list.
Hemp wool watch out if you love this particular hat material as much as I enjoy working with it. A sneak peak below

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