Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Same ole in Oklahoma...One of a Kind hippie dread hats, too

Tornado threat has passed us by and we are safe. The mere anticipation of dangerous storms is very stressful, and draining energy. Some days more than on others. Today I was not very zen-like and probably would have grown a few more gray hair had I not covered my mane with brown hair color this evening. I said good-bye to my weird blond artificially colored growing locks and went back to my brunette roots, with some gray in the mean while.
I still love to do One Of A Kind items, and needless to say, these patchwork tams are best sellers, but not the money-makers for my little business, their completion takes too much time to really be profitable, but it still makes me happy and feeling creative to crochet these funky tam hats. Great for us hippie people, with or without dreads.

I also listed these, not so ecclectic, but will be OOAK nevertheless as I only had limited amounts of yarn.

1970s style skullcap.

Made with one of my favorite synthetic vegan yarns: LB Homespun in grape purple.
LB off-white baby spun and apple green homespun.

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