Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Many happenings

Sid had celebrated his birthday, and his 21st sobriety anniversary. After spending the actual birthday with breakfast out, baking a cake and cooking a Cajun dinner, the following day was dedicated to a sweat lodge in honor of his coming off age as a sober 21 year old adult (not actual physical age:) with proceeding dinner at the cultural center.
On Sunday I had organized a large dinner for the whole family and friends at the park, with tons of food and his friend Bobby provided some life guitar and country songs entertainment. The weather was not really very accommodating, too chilly for the time of the year, and we did not have the expected large crowd, but a good turn out anyway.
I have played catch-up with the shop ever since then:)
Today I finally managed to list a few new hats on my website
Purple Sage Designz

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