Thursday, December 23, 2010

What to write a day before Christmas?

Hold on, you will say, Christmas is not on Dec 24th, but for me it is.
Christmas Eve has always been Christmas for my family. The day of opening presents and anticipation to share time with the kids, small or all grown up now.
Christmas Day is the official dinner day, it's all about food and visiting with relatives in a wider sense.
We did put up a little cedar tree today, just an itty bitty thing from our own land. A slightly pitiful version, very low key like everything else this year. Totally fine with us. We will strip the cedar needles later this year and use them for sweatlodge ceremonies.
I am so through with taking product pictures or trying to sound interesting or social-network-worthy, I have chosen to keep silent for the most part of December and focus on getting all the hats and scarves shipped in time for the holiday shipping deadlines.
When everything was finally said and done business-wise I tended to my personal little pleasures:
Ebay shopping, cleaning my closet (and regain space), sleeping in, watching the lunar eclipse, it basically has been a very enjoyable mini vacation at home.

Holiday wishes to you and yours from Purple Sage Designz aka Angelika

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