Sunday, July 11, 2010

Tired eyes and my reading list for July

Allergies really kick butt this summer, my eyes itch and my lids feel heavy like bricks.
Nevertheless, I am crocheting, knitting and reading, and as much as I enjoy the natural light of the summer months, my eyes will probably be thankful for clear fall air.
I just finished "Passage to Danzig", a heavy meal to digest before bedtime.


Evil descends in one night.

Who will be crushed in its grip?

IT'S NOVEMBER 9, 1938--Kristal Nacht, the "Night of Breaking Glass." As Hitler's minions blaze through Berlin, arresting Jews, burning homes, shops, and synagogues, Pastor Karl Ibsen races to aid the Kalners, a Jewish family in his congregation. But will he be too late? And what price will his wife, Helen, and children, Lori and Jamie, pay for his actions?

As Berlin burns, Karl's family waits in New Church for the Nazis to come. The Wallich family hides in a nearby apartment. Lucy Strasburg, girlfriend of a Nazi officer, watches with horror, realizing what the "glory of the Reich" really means...and wondering what, if anything, she can do.
For all, there is only one hope--the Danzig Passage.

After this tragic plot I reached for "Emerald O'Brien makes a killer cup of tea", the first in the series of "Ghost of a chance".

I enjoy this rather light-hearted mystery witch novel by Yasemine Galenorn.

Emerald O'Brien is the owner of the Chintz 'n China Tea Room where guests are served the perfect blend of tea and tarot reading. She never set out to be a detective, but once word gets out that she can communicate with the dead, there's no turning back...

When the ghost of Susan Mitchell asks for Emerald's help in convicting her own murderer, Emerald can't refuse. Along with her friends-an ex-supermodel and a cop-and her new love interest, Emerald must search for clues to put the killer behind bars-and this tortured soul to rest.

I have a tall stack of more reading choices on my nightstand. I would love to hear what others have on their lists and a short personal review.

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