Thursday, July 8, 2010

Fall preview in July

(a beret out of the ordinary, inspired by "The Snow Queen", a Hans Christian Andersen fairytale, more fantasy/mythology/folklore/fairytale hats to come)

I am right there with the retailers, well maybe a step or 2 behind, but way better prepared to stock up on autumn inventory than any other year in the past.
But don't worry, I am still listing cotton hats as they come fresh off my hook.

A few tam hats that will be created in different variations in the style shown below:
(At least I have high hopes I'll pull through with my long idea/to-do list).

Simple sock tam shape, new yarns: Elements. Interesting painted/printed shading and variegated in unusual color combos. Soft and stretchy and ideal for the budget-conscious vegan.

Jazzed -- a vintage looking variegated yarn in great color combo.

Riverbank, a surf and turf print variegated yarn. I love them all and I will be hunting for more as they provide this random patchwork feel that I personally love so much and which is also part of my handmade style, a branding element in yuppie "business talk". (no offense to anyone:)

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Gloria P. said...

Love all your hats, especially the first one, look fantastic.

I am making my daughter 3 hats, aqua, mustard yellow and lime green slouchy hats. I also made myself a few hats, I have been going chemical free and decided to go poo free (shampoo) so I made a few slouchy hats that I have decided to call poo free slouch hat!

I always enjoy checking out all your creations.

Today I was in the fabric store but i opted to start a sewing project after I get my daughters hats done and the ewok ami she requested for her birthday.

Hope all is well!