Thursday, April 1, 2010

New hippie dread tams -- the back to basics crochet marathon

Sometimes it happens.
I start making one tam design and I can't stop making it.
This new back to basics tam line is a revival of basic patterns, eye pleasing colors for men and women and just a pretty sturdy hat for all the kind people who need the extra slouch.
Different sizes to accommodate the various hair volumes.
Want to check them out more?
Go here.
BTW if you come from google and are searching for a really large tam, I do custom work on a regular basis.
16 inches in depth from crown to rim for a longer sock tam or 12 inches for a really wide crown tam.

Happy Easter to the hippie land:)

1 comment:

yusma said...

hi Angelika,
very beautiful slouchy hats creation. i really love them.
would you by any chance share your pattern as i would like to crochet one for my daughter. i appreciate if you could contact me through my email,
i am looking forward to your reply.
much thanks.