Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Jamaica -- part 2

Without many words...it was all the cliches you would expect, breath taking landscapes, the blue-turquoise ocean, the white beach and the sunsets. It was just so much sweeter to see and feel it with my own eyes and capture it with my own little camera.
It was a typical tourist vacation, but for me it was my first island trip ever. I am sure there is so much more to Jamaica...

Overcast sunset, a very surreal beautiful sight.

Beach fun -- what a way to relax in January

Not a post card, but a "point and shoot" snapshot...

Not really a "back-packer" place -- amazing resort in Montego Bay, I am not the luxury type girl, but I can enjoy a beautiful place:)
Wearing a crochet tam that I bought from a fellow Jamaican crocheter:)

Balcony with ocean view, the aqua blue water and white beach were literally only yards away. Sid is enjoying a reggae cd.

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kitty.ch3n said...

Those are lovely pics Angelika! I'm from Jamaica :) so I'm glad that you captured the beauty so nicely ! :D