Friday, April 10, 2009

Raspberry Sherbet

Now why in the world would I title a blog post raspberry sherbet?
I have never posted about my lunch or desserts, why start now?

Well, I thought it sounded nicer than "Who cares?"....Confused?
I feel like blogs may be overdone, a matter of the past as almost everyone has one. I don't know. I have stopped leaving links on various sites, and traffic has died down, or at least the number of comments.
Hoping to find inspiration and motivation to write about really interesting and meaningful topics for my blog again.
So I let you know today I have eaten raspberry sherbet three nights in a row now.

Now this wasn't so redundant, was it? Considering how many blog posts about lunches and meals are out there.
On a lighter note: Happy Easter!@
(Check out my website and Etsy shop to see all the new tams and skirts listed, thanks a bunch)

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