Thursday, February 12, 2009

What I've been up to...

Severe weather, the first tornadoes of the year (and yes, it's February) have shaken us up a few days ago. Even though we weren't directly hit in Ponca City, we were under a tornado warning and thunderstorms, lightning and gusty winds delayed shipping and errands .
Strangely the anxiety on days like that sucked a lot of power out of me, kind of analog to losing electricity and cable/internet. I have been feeling exhausted without any drive.

Today I'd like to show some of my projects I had created over the past few days/weeks.

Recycled wool and sari silk tam listed on Purple Sage Designz website.

I made those 2 visor tams as trade-ins for handmade soap from the fabulous Anhoki.

And finally another patchy skirt in my serial of recycling:
listed on Etsy

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PitChiK said...

Tornado season seems to come earlier every year yet it really doesn't. I love that skirt, seems like a good way to keep wearing my fave jeans!