Thursday, February 19, 2009


(was listed in my Etsy shop and has sold)
It's an artisan's dream to own materials, may they be yarn, fabrics, notions, beads, buttons or fancy used clothing pieces for up-cycling.
Funnily the pleasure ends when the sheer abundance of material gets in your way and makes it difficult to find something specific.
Even the joy of finding a great bargain seems diminished when you think about all the finds you had considered to be a great deal and couldn't be left in the store...and as the story goes they landed on top of the rising mountains of wools and cotton. And some mountains grow fast, take over walk-in closets, shelves and finally big storage bins reside in the middle of your craft studio when designated storage areas are not available anymore.

Yes, I admit, I have run out of space and it's time to avoid the Hobby Lobby's, yarn stores and thrift stores of this world. At least for a while until progress has been made.
So I have used up a considerable amount of skeins and patches already, but in the overall picture of my materials piles they have not really made a difference in space yet.

The goal is still far to reach, but at least I am on my way. Little by little, steadily I will make use of all my collected treasures.

I made this patchwork skirt from new, vintage and recycled materials, it was fun and creative and a small step on my journey of hoarding recovery.

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