Sunday, July 1, 2012

New hats, yarns and The List

Happy July!
3 new products added, all smaller slouchy beanies in great yarns
I am happy to re-introduce a few designs that I really enjoyed making the first time around. My new soy/hemp/fine wool yarns come in a variety of exciting colors and are great for the warm season, but not limited to. The new bamboo yarns are a pleasure to work with and I plan on bringing more of these smooth snood tams to my web shops. Last but not least I am back to knitting, and have made another pony tail hat which is very versatile for long hair.
All thanks to The List, my reminder of things to do. The written word becomes true that way (and my ideas are materializing once the go on THE LIST. Blog update was on the the list, too. )

ponytail beanie or wide dread band 2 in 1

4 tone smaller soy hemp wool tam hat

turquoise snood in bamboo silk

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