Monday, January 2, 2012

Crocheter's New Tool...The Boye Electric Yarn Ball review

My goal for 2012 is not to work longer or harder, but to achieve more with less effort.
So I splurged on this electric yarn ball winder by Boye (don't you love these gift cards for large craft stores?)
I often buy big cones of yarns and it's rather annoying trying to crochet with a smooth supply of yarn coming from the large cones without pulling off yarn in between after every 5th stitch. The electric yarn winder does ok with these cones, as long as you can eliminate any kind of resistance, feeding the winder smoothly with yarn by hand. It stops as soon as the yarn resists to be fed through the little hooks. The plastic body looks a bit flimsy and the motor is quite noisy. But so far, so good, I love center-pull yarn skeins, too bad that mine don't come out as tightly wound like a manual winder would create. But I am enjoying the help of this little electric tool, I just hope it will last a while to free up my hands from all the winding tasks.
Would I buy this specific winder again? Probably not...I was expecting a better made product for the steep in-store price. Gladly I had a 40% off coupon.

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