Friday, November 4, 2011

Finally the studio space comes to life

I admit at first it was awkward to work strictly in the studio space and not in the living room anymore. And my sewing corner had been set up for 2 months but I felt I didn't have time for bigger projects. And I just couldn't decide what to do first, crochet, knit, sew, loom knit. The abundance of choices was a hurdle for my creativity.
Today I made a plan: cut a commercial sewing pattern, iron the fabrics, cut the pattern pieces on the grain line, serge everything, sew, press seams open, use baste stitches. Do it by the book and see if the pattern and size will work...before customizing, and "free-lance" sewing. Amazingly the pattern worked well, the fabric cut on the bias drapes nicely. Can't wait to make more patchy skirts in the near future.

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