Monday, October 10, 2011

Sophisticated Seventies come back...

Sophisticated 70s

Time to get my vintage knit, crochet and sewing mags back out....because I love the Seventies. I have worn all the craziness of mini skirts, hot pants, maxi skirts, trumpet pants, plateau shoes....even though I have never really been too "sophisticated" and always more on the BoHo or even early grunge side of the fashion scene I am thrilled to see the colors, some shapes and stylings come back.
I was a bit shocked by the retail prices for above items (it takes you to the source, polyvore, if you click on the image), because some of them are steep...and wasn't what I remember my clothes budget ever had been back then. In order to complete my wardrobe I already did a lot of re-constructing, upcycling and diy as a teenager, too. Something my grandma did on a regular basis and she supplied almost all the women in our family with altered couture.
I am still grateful that an early sense of handcrafting clothing and accessories were instilled, even though at my young age would have preferred store-bought back then. 

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