Thursday, April 28, 2011

Our work studio will become reality now

We have been talking about a studio building for years, and today the ground work began.
I hope things will shape up quickly and our work related items can finally move out of the house, except the office equipment.

I hadn't posted so long. Time runs and most days I just retreat to bed with a Chintz & China (Yasemine Golenarn) book. My online time has been mainly limited to business and customer service. 

Yesterday I re-invented myself back into a natural brunette after over 10 years of straight blond. The longer my hair grew the less fitting light blond seemed to me. (Even though it's hiding gray roots so nicely), but the barbie doll look is not what I had in mind when I decided to let my locks just grow out, without a professional hair cut for 1,5 years.

I have ordered a lot of 1970s mags on Ebay, with the most outrageous crochet fashion, food for inspiration for sure. And along with my desire for nostalgia awoke my wish to buy a vintage VW bug in running condition. So far no luck, many sellers offer partially assembled volkswagen which had been on their pastures for 4 or 5 years, last time they started them (huh, 5 years ago?), the motor was running...I need to crochet too many hats in order to leisurely throw that kind of money towards a lazy seller who cannot pull out the car from the pasture before putting it on craig's list. But, I keep on hunting, before they all vanish.

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