Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Blizzard, cabin fever, new slouchy hat and dread band listings

This was yesterday, view from our living room, taking a snapshot through the window. If I cannot go outside I feel deprived, cut off from mother earth.
While looking outside from our dining room window, my cabin fever was rising.

After the blizzard had significantly died down I bundled up in parka and boots and ventured outside with our dogs. They needed encouragement to run all the way down to the fence for their dogly business:)
And I welcomed the fresh air, even though for just a few minutes. In retrospect these pictures actually look harmless, the snowdrifts and knee high snow piles don't show, neither does the gusting icy wind making our bones chill.

Changing the subject to crafting:
When I am working on these head bands I dream about spring. I wear these type of bands myself to tame my unruly wild hair which I have been growing out for over a year new, without a single hair cut. I have started offering them online now and working my way through different colors.

I have ordered lots and lots of dark wool yarns. There is always a big demand for natural materials in classic colors and I will steer clear from buying little quantities here and there. Love my internet suppliers who make life so much easier.
(hat and band listed in my Etsy shop)

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