Friday, October 15, 2010

Random things that may inspire you

like they inspire me, revive me, when fatigue or a certain "seen it all" feeling creeps in.
My #1:
Traditionally, Earl Grey is a blend of black China teas treated with natural oils of the Bergamot citrus fruit, which gives the tea a distinctive perfumed aroma and flavor.
More about this wonderful tea mixture here

Even later in life we still can experience many Firsts, it's never too late to try something new or give something a chance that may have never intrigued before:
today I went to my first estate sale. I have been to hundreds of flea markets and thrift stores, but the special structure of an estate sale was something new and I loved it, as it was a very "people oriented" event with lots of chats with strangers waiting in line to be let in. As banal as it may sound, a first can be the first step into a new direction of interest or understanding.

I still consider them a pleasure to hold in my hand, sniff its old scent when it's a second hand paperback or cherish the beautiful artwork of a hardcover book's sleeve. Books let you take your time, and reread a passage that may have a special message, or just make you pause after a paragraph of deja-vu or sudden understanding.

There are wonderful spiritual books out there that don't necessarily have to be religious or orthodox lore.
Amazon is my favorite source for finding books on topics off the beaten path.

Sleep is a wonder drug. Once we realize our body's demand for a certain amount of rest we should respect the message our physique is sending us. I run best on 8 to 10 hours of sleep and if life permits I'll sleep until I wake up on my own. One of my favorite German proverbs says "While you sleep you cannot sin":)

Salvadore Dali...Sleep

HAPPY Friday!

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