Saturday, June 19, 2010

Beanie Round 3 ... simple vs. kitschy...and this and that

This blogging/listing commitment has helped me to stay on track and invest that iota of more energy. Even though these 2 hats have not been listed for sale yet, I have accomplished my task 90% today.

Beanie 1: Simple, but with a sophisticated yarn, contains recycled water bottles. This is my personal style, especially with color mixing.
Beanie 2: I was not sure whether to add some adornment or not, the beanie seemed to "need something" to make it more special.
I am really not the kind of person who likes to add-on a lot of stuff. And I personally never reach for a brooch or sew flowers on my wardrobe, but, I have experienced that a lot of people really go for these kind of embellishments. At a craft show I sold more of those beanies with flowers than hippie tams. Kitschy may not be the right word, even though kitschy has a positive connotation in my book. I enjoyed rummaging through my trim and button bin and made this little flower/yoyo/button thingy after all. It's cute. I should embrace cute more often:)

Today I am tired, it was one of these days when chores didn't come to an end.
After a long day I just want to retreat to bed with a good book and a bowl of frozen yoghurt.

Oscar, our cattle dog, got stung by a bee or wasp today, and since he is allergic against insect stings we had to make an emergency run to the vet clinic. It's Saturday and we were so lucky that our vet happened to be mowing the lawn around his animal hospital when we pulled up. There had been nobody answering the ph at the vet's office and we just decided to drive there anyway.
He treated Oscar with Anti-histamin and a cortison shot right away before the poor dog could swell up too bad.
This ordeal happens almost every year at least once during the warm months. The first time it happened I didn't know that Oscar would develop such a severe reaction, his body and face looked "rippled" and was swelling, he hardly could breath and his whining sounded like crying .

He got bathed after we got home, and I sat with him in the shade and made him lay still for a few hours. While crocheting.
Then gardening, watering, preparing tuna salad with our own home grown garden fresh tomatoes. Cleaning the dog house, sweeping the porch.
Dinner, showering, shopping for dairy and fruit at Braum's and getting everything for tomorrow's "after sweat-lodge dinner".
You get the idea, and it's still around 90F while I am typing this late at night.
Happy weekend and happy Father's Day to all the Dads:)

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