Friday, May 7, 2010

Life must go on...

and instead of just striving for getting back to normalcy I am determined to make it even better.
After the shock of being involved in an accident with a school bus last weekend and losing my beloved eco-friendly Saturn I am moving on with life.
Thank goodness I had not been at fault and there were no school children in the bus at that time.
Material loss and some soreness on my part only. We all got uninjured out of our vehicles, I count my blessings and my belief in the concept of a guardian angel has been reaffirmed.

Shortly after this event we went on a one-day road trip to New Mexico to bring home lava rocks for our sweat lodge, along with cedar and yucca plants. It's time to renew spirituality.

On the crafty side of life there is a sneak peak of a new patchwork skirt, a tundra green skirt in plus size and suitable for shorter mamas, too.

Happy Friday and more updates soon.

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Gloria P. said...

Love the skirt, nice work!