Friday, August 22, 2008

Here is a free crochet tam pattern of mine

Hi, from time to time I get requests to sell my hat patterns.
I don't write down patterns in a conventional way. I make a quick sketch and note number of rows as a future reference for me, that's it. I am a visually oriented person when it comes to comprehension, I always learned with diagrams.
In the past I wrote down 2 patterns in the conventional way.
If you happen to stumble upon the pattern tutorial that I had posted last year and have questions, please send me an email.
I had an anonymous poster repeatedly ask questions about it, but I can't reply back to you without an email address or other way of contact.
Recently I wrote one pattern down because I had a request for it.
I will share it hear today...maybe it will help you get your own tams started. I have learned a lot online from tutorials and now it's time to give back and contribute.
BUT, I kindly request not to use this pattern to create items to sell online, please feel free to copy it if you sell the tams locally only.
Patterns are great for inspiration. I personally cannot follow someone else's pattern, it never works out right and I collect patterns for the sake of collecting and looking at the beautiful pictures.

4 chain stitches, close with a slip stitch.
1. Row:chain 2 (counts as first dc) and crochet 15 dc into the ring (16 dc total), close with slip stitch as throughout the whole pattern.
2:2dc in each dc (total 32)
3. *1 dc in dc, 2 dc in next dc* repeat until end
4. *1 dc, 1 dc, 2 dc in next dc* repeat to end
5. *1 dc, 1 dc, 1dc, 2dc in next dc* repeat to end
6. *1 dc, 1 dc, 1 dc, 1dc, 2dc in next dc* repeat to end
I used Vanna's choice acrylic yarn, hook I (9mm), I have enough width for my crown now, you can increase more or less according to your yarn
Now I continue with V-stitches
(4 chain stitches, 1 dc in same space *skip 2dc, 1dc in next dc, 1 chain stitch, 1 dc insame dc, skip 2 dc* repeat to end)
Next row you crochet the *dc-chain-dc* into the space of the chain stitch, if you use a different color, you get the zig-zag-effect.)
I crocheted 6 rows, but you can do more or less. No increase or decrease of stitches.
Next row: SC only and I crocheted 6 SC and then crocheted the next 2 SC together (decrease made). Repeat throughout row.
Next row: I made simple v-stitches: *skip `1 SC, 2 dc in next single crochet, skip next SC* repeat to end
Final rows: single crochet, decrease after 6 SC, I usually make 3 decreasing rows, last row in crab stitch without decreasing.
Can be adjusted to your head circumference, decrease more or less.
I hope this made sense:)
Good luck!


Rosebud Collection said...

What a beautiful pattern..Thanks..I enjoy patterns and spend many nights just looking at them..Now wouldn't you think I would do something with them?

Taylor Real Estate Services said...

Hello! i love this pattern! one question though...on the vstitch am i skipping a total of 4 DC's? or just 2 DC's? it is listed as *skip
2dc, 1dc in next dc, 1 chain stitch, 1 dc insame dc, skip 2 dc* Thank you for your help.

Anonymous said...

hey man, thanks so much for this. im 16, and pretty into crocheting rastas. do you have any other patterns you could send me or any websites with easy to follow patterns? thanks again, hannah

Anonymous said...

What hook size did you use?

Odi said...

help I am following your pattern but it wont lay flat and I am also struggling with the v stitch part it doesn't look anything like yours.

Ms. Crochet Queen said...

These are such beautiful crowns. I also happen to crochet, and I must say that your tams give me inspiration to design and write my own patterns. Keep up the good work.

suzi said...

love this !! do you chain 2 at the begining of each row?????

Heids xx said...

Thank you for your patterns!! So easy to understand because I write my 'creations' much the same way LOL. BUT the only think I have to remember is you are using U.S. techniques... so a DC her in Australia is a treble... and a sc is our double crochet.... it's all good... as long as I keep my wits about me I'll be right!!!
thanks again!!!1

CK said...

The v happens when you skip 2 dc and then dc two in the same space, it makes a v. You chain two at the beginning of rows that are steps 2-6 and the v stitch rows = not the dc rows.